The Cutler Law Office team has over a decade of experience handling traffic violations in Eastern Washington. Although civil in nature, a traffic infraction can have extreme consequences on your driver’s license, your employment and/or your insurance rates. It is always important to contact an experienced traffic attorney to discuss your options, but this is especially vital if you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).  Remember, you only have 15 days to respond to a traffic ticket.


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For over a decade, the attorneys at Cutler Law office have successfully dismissed or reduced tickets to non-moving violations.

Don’t let a traffic ticket affect your life. If you have been issued any of the infractions below, contact the experienced attorneys at Cutler Law Office to discuss your rights and options. You can learn more about our services and get answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

  • Speeding*
  • Failing to stop*
  • Failing to yield*
  • Following too closely*
  • Negligent Driving*
  • Driving too fast for conditions*
  • Improper lane change or travel*
  • Improper overtaking on right or left*
  • Improper driving to the left of center of roadway*
  • Defective Equipment
  • No Insurance
  • No Seatbelt
  • Commercial Driver’s License Violations Including but not limited to:
    • Texting while driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle*
    • Using a cell phone while driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle*
    • Driving a CMV without proper endorsement*
    • Logbook Violations (False Entries, Violation of 11/14-hour rule)
    • Overweight Violation
    • Unauthorized Passenger
  • Any other traffic violation.

* Considered serious traffic offenses for CDL holders. If any CDL holder is found to have committed 2 or more of these within a 3-year period, his/her license will be disqualified for 60 days.

* We work hard to obtain the best possible results for our clients but no lawyer can guarantee success of your case. Every case is unique and outcomes depend on several factors. The results above are meant to showcase resolutions we achieved in 2016, and should not be used to predict future outcomes.

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